Where Do Your Customers Land?

Today I wanted to dive into the world of landing pages on your website. Websites can be a very confusing place for a customer to land, with a variety of tabs at the top and so many pages they can navigate to but where is the information they need? 

For the owner of a website all the information tends to be really clear, because you designed the website, however from an outsider's perspective this is not always the case.

If needed information, or a clear path to that information is not readily available people often give up. In current times, everyones lives are just too busy to be clicking aimlessly on websites all day searching for what they need. Customers need an easy pathway to their desired information. We are the generation who have multitudes of information at our fingertips, and we don't like to search for it.  So many times I have clicked on a Facebook ad wanting to view a product and the link takes me nowhere near to the product advertised,  and I hate having to search through their website to purchase that product. More often than not it will lead to frustration and turning away from that company. These companies may as well pour their advertising budgets down the drain as they have spent money hooking me in with their advert to then not direct me to the action I need to take next “the transaction”! 

So let's ensure that you don’t have this same issue with your customers! We need to be really careful with what we do, and where we send our customers.

For your dance styles, programme or age groups you should have specific pages that outline everything a potential dance family needs to know about that class. 

You don't want to have one big page covering all styles and genres for every age group. You want someone with a 3 year old to be able to see straight away the section of they need in a clear concise manner.

We want to persuade people away from needing to email and call you for information. Your process should be clear so they can see which programme suits their child, and then send them straight to a booking link for their trial class. You should have as little involvement as possible, the process should be systematic.

My website, for example splits into age groups, starting with preschoolers and ending with the teenagers and adult classes. When you then click on that age group they then open up the variety of styles available for that age group, which then ideally they should click on that style and be able to learn slightly more about what it entails. These pages specific to each style can also be really helpful for facebook ads when advertising a specific style, they can go straight from this facebook ad to the specific page. Remember… that's a clear easy pathway!

We want all the information to be present on that page! When I say information I don't mean just times, price and uniform. I mean the benefits their child will get from that class you need to sell your classes and yourself to these potential customers. What physical, emotional, mental, social benefits come alongside your clases? As well as telling them what their child will be enjoying in classes! Remember social contact has been restricted for the last year! So this can be a huge marketing point for you. Writing content can be a challenge I know and we naturally assume everyone knows how awesome dance classes are right? It’s also very hard to blow our own trumpets and shout about how awesome we are and sometimes getting someone else to get the words down for you really helps.


If as I’ve discussed before it is not in your flow let it go and find someone or something to help you along with it. A copy writer would be ideal for this and it really is worth the investment you can pay per hour or project so it is not a long term commitment. Please don't use your web designer, their skill is creating awesome websites not great sales copy. Or even look internally, have you got someone in your team who can write well and take this on for you!  You can find copywriters for really reasonable rates on places such as Fiverr and Upwork which have a huge range of freelancers available. Alternatively I have recently been introduced to a great piece of software called conversion ai which takes your wording and levels it up. You write your topic and a brief description and it will create a piece of text for you to use. I'm not the most patient of people and sometimes need marketing copy turned around quickly, which conversion ai allows to be done automatically very quickly. Of course there will be small glitches and little tweaks you need to make but overall  It has saved me hours of pondering over wording on websites, blogs and facebook ads and is pretty reasonably priced too. You could also use it when writing letters or emails to dance parents so you really could get your money's worth out of it.

Are you tracking your web pages? Do you see how many people hit your site and whether they are signing up, how long they stay on the page, do they take action on each page? This is a great thing to analyse because it can really help inform you of the effectiveness of your website. If people are visiting but not actioning that tells you that their journey isn't as clear as it could be. It's not compelling or obvious for them to be drawn in and you're not giving them a clear action to take now.

To aim to get the biggest conversion rate from your landing page please try and include the following :-

  • A compelling headline-  preferably not just “dance class for” or “Baby Ballet”. Think of something more compelling such as ‘watch your child leap around our studio with joy, in our baby ballet classes.’ Get a catchy headline to get you started. 
  • The image -  the best images focus on one or two children who show enjoyment in their face rather than a panned out image of a huge class. Large class photos sometimes don't allow for the consumer to connect with the image. Go ahead and look at some other websites and see what grabs your attention in those images! Try and use your own images if possible, or there are infinite stock images available. 
  • Bullet points: what are the benefits, how will their child feel, what will they experience, what is the value stack (what's included at enrolment a free t-shirt? A prop bag? A progress diary? Parents want to feel they are getting their value for money. Tell them what they are getting!
  • Social proof - People definitely follow the crowd and reading testimonials from other people who have attended and loved your classes will definitely help! Be sure to share your testimonials, they will sell you business more than you ever could on a page.

If you are struggling for ideas take a look around at others, work out what you like and dislike, what works and how you want to use your landing page. Maybe create a pinterest board of landing pages you like for inspiration. Then take action to make yours better from this inspiration.

Now this all of course can be a bit overwhelming when you have several dance styles for many age groups and the thought of doing this for that many pages may give you a headache understandably! My advice is to see this as a gradual process and perhaps do one a fortnight or one a month! There is no rush, this is a marathon not not a race. I would love to know what dance style you plan to get to work on first!

I don't want you to be applying lots of pressure to yourself to achieve this all overnight, take it in steps! I am still tweaking my website, it's always going to be a process of updating and elevating your landing pages!

Let me know how you get on!

Best wishes,

Hayley Byrd