The Dance Teachers Tribe!

Are you a passionate studio owner who excels in the classroom, but struggles to adapt to the many roles a studio owner has to juggle?

The Dance teachers tribe is here to support you every step of the way!

Come and join other like minded studio owners in “The dance Teachers Tribe” where you will benefit from….

Just £45 for 12 months access….

Usual price £420 for the year offer will end after the first 50 members

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“Hayley has helped me to re-access my studio and long term goals. It has helped me plan the future and I have never felt more positive about the longevity of my studio”

– Sarah Tribe member

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How did The Dance Teachers Tribe Begin?

Just over two years ago I had the biggest wake up call! I arrived at my studio to find the locks changed and a forfeiture notice on the door!

My heart was broken! I had lost everything! I’d allowed customers to pay late or not atal, I’d handed discounts out like sweets and eventually it led to me not meeting my own financial commitments. My kindness had not served me well!

It would’ve been so easy to walk away at this point but I didn’t have the heart to tell my beloved students I’d failed them! I had to find a way to carry on, I couldn’t let them down!

A job you love is not suppose to be this much hard work and heartache surely?

This was not what I had signed up for when starting my dream job!

Does any of this sound Familiar?

Flash forward almost 3 years and I have turned my studio around! I’ve gone from making a loss to running a profitable studio and I am finally paying myself a wage! I now teach 2 days per week, have a fabulous team of dedicated and loyal teachers who run my studio 6 days per week. Most importantly I am so much happier and have a better work life balance!

The Dance Teachers Tribe was born from my desire to help other studio owners to achieve their own success story! You deserve success and I am making it my mission to inspire and empower you to achieve your goals!

I cannot wait to empower you in making your studio a success!

Hayley xx